In 2004, the Georgia Football League (GFL) was formed. This league has been developed to cater to the football athlete who attends home school or a Christian school that does not support a football program. In 2009, we joined a new league called Glory For Christ (GFC) High School Football League.

Week after week, the highlights are filled with names of players who made touchdowns, intercepted the ball, recovered fumbles or forced sacks. They give statistics of the number of yards players ran or how many tackles were made. What did it take to make that stat? It took a player.

But those only tell a fraction of the story of what makes this team great. There are 11 players on the field at one time, each having a part to make the play. One person might get credited with the tackle or sack, but ten others helped hold the line, close up the hole or redirect the rusher. Maybe the defensive line hurried the quarterback causing a rushed pass that was intercepted.

On the sidelines, and sometimes running on the field is a collection of dedicated coaches who have instilled commitment, knowledge, sweat and character into those who run on and off the field. They build the framework for the team, casting the mold as they are lead from experience and Godly direction. And there’s more. Water boys, trainers, equipment managers, cheerleaders, the chain gang, and tailgating add their touch. Without any one of them the team would be missing something.

We see the final score; and the highlight film shows the result but what did it take to make it all happen? It took a team.Is that what it has taken to make this team what this team is today? Or is there more? In the stands there are dozens whose names never make the papers. The family members who make sure everyone gets to practice, have what they need when they need it. These are the ones who urge and encourage their “favorite” player or team member and who make an away game feel like a home game. Yeah I think it takes them too.

Let’s not knock the effort of the one coming up with the big play, but let’s also remember that this is a team sport and the successful run of this team is due to the cohesive effort that every member gives. What does it take? It takes a team family. That’s what the Force has – a family. That’s what makes it work

Head Coach – Steve Riley
Offensive Coordinator – Kirk Moseley
Offensive/Defensive Line Coordinator – Troy Cooper
Defensive Backs/WRs – Steve McClure
Running Backs – Chris Perry
Special Teams – Raul Rivera
Strength/Conditioning – Marcus Moulder

2004 Georgia Football League 8-3, 2004 Georgia Football League Championship Runner-up

2005 Georgia Football League 10-0, 2005 Georgia Football League Champions

2006 Georgia Football League 9-0, 2006 Georgia Football league Champions

2007 Georgia Football League 9-1, 2007 Regular Season Champions

2010 Glory for Christ League 5-1, 9-2 Overall, 2010 GFC League Runner-up

2011 Glory for Christ League 6-1, 10-2 Overall

2014 NHFA Beach Bowl Champion, 9-3 Overall

2015 GFC League Champions, 10-3 Overall

2016 NHFA National Champion Runner-up,  9-3 Overall

2017 NHFA & NHFCS National Champions, 11-1 Overall

2018 GICAA AAA State Runner-UP, 8-2 Overall

2019 NHFA PCB Bowl Champion, 5-5 Overall #3 Ranked Nationally

2020 NHFA National Champion, 8-3 Overall