Please complete all of the following fields where applicable.  Parent contact information will be used to send informational email as well as emergency contact information.  You will need to submit a separate form for each athlete you are registering.

  • Total registration fees for all returning players is $800.
  • Total registration fees for first time players is $950 which includes $150 new player registration fee.

Registration includes:

  • Spring Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Uniform and equipment usage for the season
  • Regular Season Games
  • PFL Playoff Games 

* Additional registration fee for Panama City Beach tournament for Varsity players will be determined as we near the November tournament.

* If you are interested in sponsorships to help with registration fees please visit Sponsor an Athlete for more information.

* You may also pay by check by doing the following:

  • Complete the form but do not select any quantities.
  • Agree to terms and still select Pay Pal payment option (even though the balance due is $0)
  • When you submit the form it will skip payment and display your registration information.  You will need to print this and include when mailing your check.  Please do not skip this as this is how we will know who the check is paying for.
  • Mail check payable to Georgia Force High School Athletics and printed registration form to PO Box 2085 Buford, GA 30519 


Please provide name, birthday, and email address for each athlete you are registering.

Choose the Registration option(s) below. If you would prefer to pay in full rather than make payments, change the quantity for each of the applicable payment fields.

Product Item Price Quantity
New Player Registration Fee per Athlete (due by April 18) $150
1st Payment (due by April 18) $300
2nd Payment (due by July 1) $250
3rd Payment (due by August 1) $250
Sub Total